Where to measure on a pattern

After my posting part 2 “Measure Your Patterns” of my series, I got some feedback as to why some don’t do this. The common response was… I don’t know where to measure on the pattern. This sparked some curiosity on my end. Would labeling fit points on patterns be what people want? Why don’t all pattern companiesContinue reading “Where to measure on a pattern”

Things we should not skip in sewing (in my opinion) Part 2: Measure Your Patterns

Continuing on for this series. I wrote a short blog post with Part 1: Check Your Fabric. Now let’s talk about the next part of this series… MEASURE YOUR PATTERNS.   Some things I’ve heard people say is…”it’s too time consuming” or “too much work”. You won’t think that if your garment ends up too smallContinue reading “Things we should not skip in sewing (in my opinion) Part 2: Measure Your Patterns”

Love Notions Guest Blog: Harmony Blouse

I love maximizing my patterns especially with easy to do modifications. So over at Love Notions I did a guest blog post on how I took the Harmony pattern and gave it a little twist or for better word tucks ;). And to add some coolness I even show you how to make any sleeveContinue reading “Love Notions Guest Blog: Harmony Blouse”

Flashback Sewing Challenge!

Imagine if some crazy maverick science guy tells you that his car can go back in time would you jump in the car? Sounds familiar eh? HAHA! Well I don’t have a fancy time traveling car but I do have a sewing friend that loves past fashion trends as much as I do. And sinceContinue reading “Flashback Sewing Challenge!”

Things we should not skip in sewing (In my opinion) Part 1-Check your Fabrics

Going back to school for pattern making has been challenging and the most wonderful thing I have done as a sewist. Before school I would have said I knew plenty in sewing. At least enough to make wearable clothing for myself. I learned the basics of sewing through family and home economics class but asContinue reading “Things we should not skip in sewing (In my opinion) Part 1-Check your Fabrics”

“Diary of a Seamstress” – Draping

Over on Instagram I created a hashtag #mydiaryofaseamstress to document my journey in school. I realized that there is so much I have to say, but an Instagram post isn’t enough to cover all my thoughts. I also want to pass along some tidbits of knowledge if I feel it can be helpful with yourContinue reading ““Diary of a Seamstress” – Draping”

Things I’ve learned in school I never told you.

  Currently I’m in enrolled at my local college for pattern drafting. Through my college there is a fashion department and within that program you have the ability to gain a certificate for pattern drafting. Enrolling in these courses is what I strongly felt was the right thing to do last year. I was tryingContinue reading “Things I’ve learned in school I never told you.”

Spring Wear

  It’s beautiful right now in southern Arizona. Once the new year rolls in, my head says it’s Spring time! So that’s when the wheels start to turn for spring wear. We don’t get snow here in southern Arizona and it stays around the 60s F in January. Kinda sounds like Spring time right?  LetContinue reading “Spring Wear”

Drafting the Poppy Dress

The coolest thing about going to school for pattern drafting is that I can use what I learn and do something with it. I’m trying to push myself and practice more. Trying to look at pictures and get inspired to draft more. I wanted to to make a dress that was inspired by a pictureContinue reading “Drafting the Poppy Dress”