Pants Fitting: The Crotch Part 2

Part 2- Comparing those measurements to the pattern. (In case you missed it please read part 1 before you continue.) Now the fun part… comparing those measurements to a pattern. ** Disclaimer: This blog post will not cover picking the right size or anything else that is not related to the crotch curve of theContinue reading “Pants Fitting: The Crotch Part 2”

Pants Fitting: The Crotch

  Part 1 – Record your measurements One semester in my pattern making course, I had the opportunity to learn about drafting pants. One of them specifically, drafting a pant block from a skirt sloper. That process really made everything about fitting pants click. I made the connection between the major fitting points of theContinue reading “Pants Fitting: The Crotch”

DIY Cloth Pantry Sack

Inspiration: Scrolling through Pinterest I came across this picture of a fabric pantry sack and wanted one for myself. So the following tutorial is how I made one for myself. Please feel free to change dimensions and contructions as you see fit. Supplies: Cotton or Linen fabric : any natural fiber fabric that has beenContinue reading “DIY Cloth Pantry Sack”

True Bias -Rio Top and Dress. #SMS20

Hi everyone!! So excited to be this year’s Sew My Style leader for the challenge. That means I am leader for the month of May along with my co-leader Julian. We both will be bringing you a blog post featuring that month’s patterns. So for my blog post I am featuring my take on theContinue reading “True Bias -Rio Top and Dress. #SMS20”

Chalk and Notch- Page Hoodie

Chalk and Notch has a new pattern and I was honored to be able test it. Here is the run down and review of my experience sewing it up. Pattern: The Page hoodie About the pattern: Classic raglan style cropped hoodie. Three different sleeve, two different lengths, and two hem style options. Sleeves are long,Continue reading “Chalk and Notch- Page Hoodie”

Sabrina Slims by Love Notions

I recently participated in testing the re-release of the Sabrina Slims (affiliate link). It’s being re-released to include a whole lot more stuff. Sabrina slims are pull-on pants with slim tapered legs. This pattern can be made from stable knits or stretch wovens. The waistband is around 2″ wide and with an inserted 2″ elastic allContinue reading “Sabrina Slims by Love Notions”

My Almada version by Seamwork Patterns

I made the Seamwork Almada recently and want to do a rapid fire style review and explanation of my make. Pattern: The Almada by Seamwork Patterns. Size Made and Modifications: Size Medium with no modifications. My measurements: HB – 34″ FB- 37.5″ W-30.5″ H-39″ *side note: Do keep an eye on the hip measurement whenContinue reading “My Almada version by Seamwork Patterns”