Teddy Bear T-Shirt

Hi everyone! I recently had the need to make my son’s bear some clothes. I was not having any luck finding teddy bear clothes patterns I wanted so I decided to make something myself. I made his bear a T-shirt out of knit fabric.

I drafted his bear a “sloper”. Then made a T-shirt pattern. I have not seen many teddy bear T-shirt patterns out there so I’m going to put one out there for everyone to enjoy. It’s free when you sign up for my email listing. Please note: This pattern is free and is for the public. If you do decide to share your make on social media it would help me a great deal if you tag me (@winmichele for Instagram), or mention my website (www.winmichele.com).

Things to point out:

-This PDF does not come with full length illustrated directions. Just an abbreviated version of directions on the PDF itself.

-Please, when printing select to print in “actual size”. Check the square gauge on the first page to make sure that the pattern is printing in the correct scale.

-Download and print off of Adobe Acrobat only.

Example here:

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 12.47.05 AM

*NOTE: The PDF you will not need to paste together. All pattern pieces fit within the borders of the layout.


This pattern is made for knit fabrics with a 50% stretch. Please see the gauge on the PDF to double-check if your fabric meets the requirements.

I had placed the t-shirt on two different bears for fit reference. Let me give you the measurements of both bears for reference.

This is a Build A Bear Brand.

The Build A Bear brand:

Neck: 12″ circumference

Chest: 16″ circumference

Seat: 18″ circumference

Unknown Brand

This unknown brand:

Neck: 9″ circumference

Chest: 15″ circumference

Seat: 17″ circumference


Thank you so much for wanting to make this T-shirt. Check out other makes through this Instagram hashtag. #teddybeartshirtpattern


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    1. Hi Sandy, the pattern should be sent to you via email. The email you use to subscribe with. I have noticed there is a delay in my host sending out the email so I would give it a little more time. If you have not received it by this afternoon please email me and I can see about sending it. Thanks!


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