D & H Blogger Tour

When you combine excellent quality fabric with an expert pattern maker you feel like you’ve just walked out of a luxury department store in style. This is how I felt when I ordered my denim and rib knit from D & H Fabrics. Then used the Nikko pattern by True Bias. Along with a modified pattern by McCalls.

Let’s start off with the fabric. I have always loved the quality of Tammy’s fabrics that she carries in her shop. I mainly purchase all my denim from her . So as soon as she stocked black 9oz cone mills denim I made sure to get some. I wanted a top to go with it and my wardrobe is lacking rib knit tops so there was some Melange Rib Knit in black and white. It’s light weight and such good recovery. As soon as my fabrics came in, the wheels started turning on what can I make.

(Me wearing the Nikko top to school to test it out)

I had been working on modifying McCalls #m7726 pants pattern into a button front skirt. The denim would work great with this pattern. Now onto choosing a pattern for the rib knit. I searched for a while for the right pattern. I have huge respect and admiration for Kelly’s work from True Bias. Being a pattern maker student I can tell she does an excellent job with her drafting. The Nikko top was the chosen one for the beautiful rib knit I ordered.


The Nikko top. Let me tell you I was OBSESSED as soon as I finished the top. I tried in on and I didn’t want to take it off and wanted to show everyone what I made. There was only one adjustment i made which was a full bust adjustment. I usually need to make this adjustment to pattern but I did measure the pattern pieces to double-check. I loved the fabric so much in this make that I actually direct messaged Tammy from D&H Fabric and raved about it. I was asking her if she was planning to carry more because I was so interested. I hope she carries some thicker rib knit so I can make a dress from it.


I saw a picture on Pinterest of a skirt that was of a paper bag waist with a button up front detail and a belt. I wanted it and there were no patterns available like it. So I used my pattern making skills from school and converted the McCalls M7726 into one. Easy and quick! The denim in this make was so smooth to sew and press with. 9oz is the perfect weight for the skirt. Not to heavy.

Overall I’m more than happy with my makes. I want more of this rib knit for other planned projects and the cone mills denim never fails me.

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