Sewing Books!

I think I’m addicted to sewing or sewing related books. I’m a self taught seamstress and obtaining knowledge where I can is like finding treasure. I wanted to share with you my stash of books. I know it will be evolving and growing.

I have found that your local thrift store could be a wonderful place to find sewing books and for a really great price. Most of the time you will find book that are older but don’t judge them on that. They will have all the knowledge you need and is still used to this date. Find out what days your local thrift store have discounts and head over there in their book section. Here are a few that I found and they even had patterns in them!

Best Finds:

Out of those thrift finds these two books have been my favorite! They contain so much tips/ tricks it’s mind blowing. The book by Sue Haussmann gives so many useful tricks to sewing it gives the hobby stitchers a boost of excitement. The book by Sandra Betzina made me feel confident in my sewing by giving easy instructions on how to sew like an expert.

Fabric books:

Now lets get into the books that I know I’ll forever keep and will not part with. These two books I purchased by recommendations and they are about fabrics. The one by Gail Baugh gives descriptions of fabrics, the contents and what they are mostly used for. Great book to get to know more about fabric. The one by Sandra Betzina is how to sew with different types of fabrics. This book is great because it tells you what you ideally need to sew with that fabric. Like how to wash, what stitch length to use, what presser foot to use, and what cutting tool is ideal. But that’s not all, it also gives you helpful tips on how to rid of stains and how to identify fabrics when there is no label.

Sewing Books:

These books are what I call my “how to” sewing books. As you can see, the cover are self explanatory and these book are what help me understand the basics.

Now the good stuff! PATTERN DRAFTING:

Now this category is what started the whole library of sewing books. I wanted to attend pattern drafting course at my local college but couldn’t. So I thought I’ll teach myself! Googled pattern drafting books and purchased a used Sylvia Rosen pattern drafting book. Learned how to draft a sloper and was able to draft some trousers. It was great! There is not a big selection of items to draft but it does focus on the basics. I decided to step it up and purchase the pattern drafting by Julie Cole on pattern drafting knits. It is a textbook technically and a bit expensive but the best thing I’ve purchased. This book taught me so much about knits. Learning about how knits are drafted make me realize I need to pay attention to the amount of stretch in a fabric. I highly recommend this book!

Eventually I was able to enroll myself in the local college pattern drafting course. So I had to purchase the book by Helen Joseph-Armstrong. I think this book is used almost every school (practically) and everyone knows this book. I’m still attending school and will keep you updated on how it goes.

The “Bias Cut Blueprint” book I’m still working on reading it. From what I have read so far it seems that there is a lot more to bias cut than just a slight stretch! Who knew?!

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