My Participation in #SewYourView

img_6093Have you heard of sewing destiny? I have. I believe in it. To me sewing destiny means you listen to that inner voice that says “just go for it!”

As I was walking down the aisles of Joanns fabric store, there was this colorful fabric that stood out. It was a jacquard fabric that looked like a brocade. Instantly it reminded me of an Ellie Saab runway show I watched online. This outfit, the model wore a some sort of blazer and it had some colorful details on it. This Joanns fabric doesn’t look anything like it but that image kept coming to mind and it was strong. So… I bought it.

Wanting to make some sort of blazer with it. I was thinking this is really loud print. Can I pull it off? Then I remember I have to start trusting myself and owning my own style even if nobody gets it.

Not too long after I saw Monica from @thatssewmonica post on Instagram. (Creator of #sewyourview ) August was going to feature Simplicity pattern #S8697. I knew instantly that this was the pattern for that vision.

I got started by looking at the back of the pattern at the size chart and finish garment measurements. In the Big 4 companies I’m always a size 14, but when I was looking at the finish measurements I notice that it seemed huge. I know the pattern says it’s a oversized jacket but I was afraid of it being way too big. So I sized down to a 12. I doubled checked by measuring the back shoulders making sure this was still going to fit me. After measuring the back I felt confident that this was going to be ok. So I measured out the rest of the pattern pieces planning to make all my fit adjustments on the flat pattern. The only adjustments I made were to the sleeves. They were a tad too short so I lengthen them.

Usually I go ahead and use muslin fabric to make a mock-up. But this was the first time I decided to go ahead and just cut the main fabric -scary! The reason for this decision was when I was measuring the pattern pieces they still had a lot of ease and I figured it was safe enough to just go ahead.

Construction of this pattern was easy enough since it wasn’t designed with a lining. I chose to use bias tape (1/4″ double fold) to take care of the sharp edges of the fabric.

I used black peach skin for the facing and pocket bands. Probably not the best choice but I wanted to used what I had in my stash.

In the end some challenge came to me in hemming the sleeves. I had a hard time reading the directions and having it work. But I think it came out ok .



Tip-Trick of the day:

Recently I learned this sewing technique and have wanted to apply it to an actual project. It’s “cording your button holes”. This is to make your button holes sturdy and make them last longer. I took the thickest thread I had and applied it to my singer button hole foot.

Then made sure that the cord was perfectly align with the prongs in the front. Attach the foot to the sewing machine and start making your button hole. Making sure to enclose the cord in the stitches.

Once finished I made sure that I pulled on the cord and pass the free ends through the back of the fabric. Then knotting it to secure.

I now, after many recommendations from fellow sewists, I’m using fray check and button hole chisel for my button holes.

Ta-dah!! Here is my colorful blazer for the win! img_6093.jpgimg_6108.jpg

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